William & James

  A man went for a general checkup.
He expressed to the doctor how he had been
urinateing more then usual and was having abdominal pain.

The doctor with a concerned look explained that these were
the symptoms of Prostatitis and some tests were needed.
The doctor began by giving the man a DRE.

After a while the doctor said

    "We'll need to do some other tests,
            I think I feel something but I can't quite put my finger on it."

The man then exclaimed,

"Oh No ! !  Please don't tell me you're gonna stick somthing in my pecker."

The doctor replied,
"No, not yet.
Before performing a cystrocopy I'm going to try out a new device.
Until now testing has been kind of a crap shoot.
But the medical journals say its 99/44% accurate.
So no longer will I have to Procter & Gamble."

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